I received my invitation packet from Peace Corps in today’s mail.

Finally: the where, when, and what. Exciting stuff.

On January 13, 2007, I will be moving to Guinea. To be clear, Guinea is not Guinea-Bissau, Papau New Guinea, or Guyana. See the map below for additional guidance.

My assignment? Public health extension, which means I’ll be working in health education, primarily on issues of reproductive health (primarily HIV/AIDS), nutrition, vaccinations, malaria control, and hygiene.

Sign me up.

Here’s a map of Guinea:

guinea map

And some Guinea links for good measure:

the BBC on Guinea
Guinée News (in French)
Friends of Guinea news blog
All Africa News
the CIA World Factbook on Guinea
Wikipedia Guinea entry

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1 Response to guinea-bound!

  1. mom says:

    yahoo! bravo! so happy for you!

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