ants in my pants and other aminals.

We travelled over 24 hours in three continents to get to Uganda. Upon arrival, Peace Corps staff gave us a quick welcome and some tea. Then four of us got a special welcome: biting ants speeding up our legs as we walked to our rooms. There was much dancing and shouting before the offending insects were removed and we fell asleep.

Our wake-up call the next morning came in the form of a braying donkey outside the window. I have no idea how a donkey manages to make such a terrible, terrible sound.

In addition to these, there have been some other creatures around:

  • goats (including baby goats, which are possibly the cutest animal around),
  • cows (with really big horns),
  • meerkats (or some form of squirrel?),
  • cockroaches,
  • birds of all shapes and sizes including guineahens and chickens as well as many less familiar ones, some of them huge,
  • dogs,
  • bats (these tend to take up residence in the rafters of houses because there usually aren’t ceilings),
  • mosquitoes,
  • frogs,
  • and monkeys.

I am keeping a list.

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