3 times when i felt ridiculous this week.

1. being followed down the street for several blocks by an infamous local “crazy” man on my way home.  As he waved his arms, shouting and dancing, onlookers laughed while I understood nothing and shrugged.

2. being called “Lady Shakira” around the neighborhood.  I am not sure who started the trend, but the men who hang out on the street next to mine have decided that this is my name.

3. trying to explain American Easter traditions to my host family last weekend.  “Well, first we boil eggs.  Then we decorate them using dye.  In the middle of the night, a giant, imaginary bunny comes and hides them all around and brings candy…etc.”  It’s at moments like these that I realize how amazing cross-cultural exchange is.  We’re all ridiculous in our own ways.

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4 Responses to 3 times when i felt ridiculous this week.

  1. Jean Herrington says:

    I hope your mom doesn’t know who Shakira is!!

  2. katie & Jonathan Petersen says:

    I hope your hips are being honest… love you, katie

  3. mom says:

    a friend just introduced shakira’s video/song on the computer to me just the other day! should i be concerned or amused??!! i think the connection is your hair – right erin?

  4. little t says:

    your easter bunny description made me burst out laughing. i dont know whether the idea of a humansized rabbit going thru my entire house when im asleep is frightening when i actually think about it in the context of explaining it as a foreign thing, or its the fact that donnie darko permenantly changed my view on rabbits in general and other large costumed peoples. the tooth fairy, leprechauns, theyre all wee folk. i can handle them. and santa, well, he’s just jolly ol’ st nick.

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