goat hit-and-run.

I was riding home from work on my bicycle.  I couldn’t avoid it.

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5 Responses to goat hit-and-run.

  1. erik says:

    I hope it was painless
    I rode my bike into another Cyclist once and that really hurt.
    I went out to a show ( new Pornographers)in boston last night and was dancing have a really good time , but after the band left the dance floor cleared I start to do goofy stunts to make my friend laugh…
    and now my leg hurts allot
    I should never have tried the last Prince hurdle drop and try to stand up .
    I love your Blog.

  2. Jean says:

    So…did you eat the goat for dinner? Don’t leave us hanging!

  3. Francesco says:

    Pic or it didn’t happen.

  4. Jillian says:

    If it makes you feel any better (on a very very small scale…) I was running through Harvard Square yesterday pretty early in the morning with a nasty glare, trying to dodge pedestrians, and I ran directly into a street sign. No one was seriously injured… but I’m pretty sure the pedestrians went straight home to call everyone they knew.

  5. e says:

    There were no lasting injuries to bike (strong like bull), goat (confused), or E (minor scrapes). So unfortunately it didn’t end in a roast goat dinner.

    Jill, I totally hear you on the sign-smack. Definitely done that before. We clearly inherited Murray grace.

    ‘cesco, hopefully the upcoming pics will make up for the lack of a goatccident photo.

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