thanksgiving in my mind.

Arrivals don’t enter.They burst, pink-cheeked from cold, setting off ripples of hugs and true how-are-yous.A series of mismatched tables, squeezed together, covered in overflowing platters, bowls, and gravy boats, hold our valiant efforts to express our caring for one another through zealous preparation– mashing, basting, kneading, roasting, baking, rolling, whisking, cutting.Everyone is in motion or making noise or both.Humming conversation is punctuated by the clatter of utensils, progressively greater rushes of laughter, and a single fiery political dispute that fizzles or is quashed by peaceful powers.There are fourteen pies.Then there are fourteen empty pie plates.Small children filter away to the living room, where they spin across the carpet, arms out, to the shouts and squeals of Little Richard or Stevie Wonder blaring from the speakers.In the dining room, adults crack jokes and tend to beers or glasses of wine that rest on a cranberry-spattered tablecloth.Dishes slowly disappear one-by-one, ferried to the kitchen where a team sees that everything is washed and scrubbed when parents collect their flatware and their heavy-lidded children.Tomorrow, we will make turkey sandwiches and run around the yard, with the beginnings of winter burning our lungs.

My life is so full.Full of loved ones, purpose, comfort, hope and possibility.I am so incredibly fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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Thanksgiving dinner

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3 Responses to thanksgiving in my mind.

  1. Corey says:

    Happy Thanksgiving E! We’ll all miss you but are thinking of you.
    Love, Corey

  2. mom says:

    WOW! – yes, this all rings so true – we are all so incredibly lucky – thank you for sharing. happy thanksgiving! we love you very much!
    mom & dad

  3. greg says:

    Sounds like you guys had a really nice thanksgiving! So you got to spend it with some “family” over yonder?
    take care,

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