Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston.  All HUGE in Uganda.

I hear the Titanic song at least once per day.

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6 Responses to divas.

  1. Gram says:

    E….you were the talk of the town(Sherlock’s house) yesterday…we missed you and thought of you throughout the day. Sorry our call was so late. Hope you are doing well. Love you lots Gram

  2. ofwono says:

    yessss, blue container.

    random update from usa: a horse-n-buggy just “drove” past my house.

  3. janice says:

    Hehehe. So I’m guessing Ugandans would particularly enjoy Bob’s rendition of The Power of Love by Celine Dion… sung to Ryan’s specifications on Herrington Karaoke…

  4. carrie says:

    Hi E!

    Hope you know we’re all thinking of you back here… in Peru we always had to sing My Heart WIll Go On (translated into Spanish) and there were requests galore for Bryan Adams. So glad you’re doing well and hope you had a fun Thanksgiving! Miss you!

    Carrie :-)

  5. katie says:

    Way back when Janice & I were in Honduras, the Titanic song and “I Shot the Sheriff” were both played several times a day…

  6. gram says:

    Hi Great to hear from you and so good talking to you.You sound great and happy…Love your pictures and your blog…your house is soooo cute and so are you!!Love your outfit….Stay well, stay safe and enjoy; I hope your friends plans go well and you have a good visit…Love you lots…Gram

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