ugandan english 101.

Wellbe back. Welcome back.

You are lost! I haven’t seen you in a long time!

Even me! Me too!

You have reduced. You have lost weight.

You are fat. A compliment.

My leg is paining. My leg hurts.

We shall revise the lesson. We will review the lesson.

Extend. Move over there.

You resemble. The two of you look alike. (One common usage: when talking about two white people who look nothing alike, asking them if they are siblings.)

Saloon. Salon

He is smart. He is well-dressed.

She is putting on specs. She wears glasses.

ka. a prefix taken from the Luganda language that is sometimes attached to English words to make them diminutive, i.e. “The girl has a ka bicycle.” I particularly think it’s funny when children called “kazungu” (little whitey).

Assist me with your pen. Give me your pen.

I bounced. I went somewhere and didn’t find the person I was hoping to meet there.

Sorry, sorry. Usually used in multiples to express sympathy in any/all situations that involve the slightest misfortune (dropping a pen, stubbing a toe, etc.) The local word for sorry, bambi, can be used interchangeably.

Somehow. an excellent multi-purpose word used to indicate ambiguity. 

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One Response to ugandan english 101.

  1. erik says:

    I love that you are Fat is a compliment!

    I saw a friend from High school on saturday night that was neat!

    I am going to a sustianabilty conference at unh today should be informative.

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