still alive.

I don’t have Ebola nor have I been caught up in Kenya’s civil unrest, though both of these things have come close enough to effect life here.  I am safe and well.  I had Chistmas with my host family in Luwero, who I lived with in my first three months in Uganda.  The day ended with us dancing calypso in the aisles of a supermarket…wonderfully random and fun.  It was such a memorable holiday despite it being the first time I was away from home on Christmas.  I celebrated an extremely quiet New Years’ Eve stargazing in the village before going to bed at 11pm– quite the contrast to starting off ’07 in New York City.


I haven’t written lately because I’ve been…busy!  This is a wonderful word for a PCV.  Busy.  Busy with work, even.  I will write at length about this wonderful development soon.  And maybe I can convince my upcoming vistors to write a guest blog or two while they’re here.  For now, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy 2008.  Be well!

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2 Responses to still alive.

  1. mom says:

    Yea!! All wonderful news! And Happy 2008 to you too – may it be filled with good health, satisfying work and lots of fun times! love you!

  2. gram says:

    so good to hear you…you sound wonderful…happy new year and stay well and keep safe…thinking of you…and thanks for your Christmas card and also the cd….stay happy…loved your pictures of your abode!!!!CUTE…you too!!!!Love you lots Gram

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