guest post: it’s a small world, after all: part two.

E. does not take us to market on market day. Later, when Whit and I are madly lost in the maze of a real market day, I am grateful to E. for this tempered introduction. It is midweek, and only the periphery of stands are open, the middle a vast empty grid of wooden lean-tos that suggests a wealth of chaos. E. goes shopping. I’ve never had a good eye for digging, but try anyways, sifting through piles of gauzy skirts, old wedding dresses, and t-shirts in the semi-darkness of her favorite ‘store’. Some articles of clothing still bear price tags from former lives at Walmart or the French Connection. Globalization is a funny, funny thing.

Clara! Come! Look at this! Whit’s voice seeps through a wall of sun-bleached collared shirts. I round the corner, almost tripping on a large bunch of matoke sitting idly in the sun. He is holding a large grey t-shirt on a metal hanger. Printed in the middle is blue box picturing stick-children climbing stairs. The text framing the image says:


A breakthrough program

Hosted by the Wheeler School

–by the lovely Clara, who visited Jan ‘08

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1 Response to guest post: it’s a small world, after all: part two.

  1. mom says:

    It is so fun re-reading Clara’s guest entries now that we have seen and experienced similar times in Uganda – such vivid descriptions and snapshots of Ugandan landscape and life! Bravo on your gridlock matatu shot which made me smile – I tried but couldn’t seem to get a picture even close of what the competitive chaos is really like getting through Kampala – makes driving in NYC or Ireland look like a piece of cake!!

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