war dance.

An Oscar-nominated documentary about violence, children, dance, and hope in Northern Uganda: War Dance

war dance poster


The film was made a few years ago, and things are slowly improving in Northern Uganda, at least in terms of the security situation. The US Embassy still does not allow me to travel to that region due to safety concerns, but I hope that perhaps by the end of my Peace Corps service, I will be able to see this part of Uganda. Today, the general feeling in my part of the country is one of tentative hope for lasting peace in the North.

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3 Responses to war dance.

  1. Megan says:

    Funny timing, I just watched this last week!

  2. emlsewhere says:

    One thing that was kind of cool for me as I watched this movie was that the language that is spoken by the Acholi is closely related to Dhopadhola, the local language that I speak/try to speak. There were (brief) times that I didn’t need the subtitles!

    I’m sharing the movie with groups I work with who are using music, dance, and drama to educate the community about HIV/AIDS. Stay tuned for descriptions, photos, and possibly video of this incredibly cool part of my work.

  3. gram says:

    love your blog…and YOU! you can be sure we are all looking forward to voting this year…keeping our fingers crossed for the right one to win!!! It certainly has been long and exciting but can’t wait for it to be over at this point in time…only 2 days to go…thinking of you and all your hard work..so proud of you…Love you lots Gram

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