life = national geographic.

I’ve decided to break down my parents’ recent visit into multiple entries, because the two weeks included so much that it is difficult to process in one bite. They may also write something, which will probably provide more interesting perspective than mine. After all, I’m pretty used to my life in Uganda at this point.

However, the visit did allow me to do something unusual: be a tourist. Specifically: I got to go on my very first safari. In all my time in Africa, I had never seen “big African wildlife” until now. Turns out, I’m living in The Lion King!

Oh, and on the topic of exciting wildlife…The night before last (NOT while my parents were here, thank God), there was COBRA outside my front door. Sorry I didn’t get any action shots of it raising up its head and expanding its hood. This is how it looked after it was beaten to death:

Interesting note: Some people (NOT most, but a few) have told me not to worry, because “snakes only bite you if they were ‘sent’ for you…”

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2 Responses to life = national geographic.

  1. Megan says:

    Ummm…you didn’t say WHO beat the snake to death?!?

  2. emlsewhere says:

    not me. i was unwilling to get that close to it. my neighbors beat it to death with a 6 foot pole then poured paraffin on it.

    fun fact: if you pour paraffin on a snake, it kills it. but it doesn’t just kill it, it basically melts its skin.

    i went out yesterday and bought an extra bottle of paraffin- now i can light my charcoal stove AND kill cobras!

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