Thanksgiving is my favorite. Not a holiday of shopping or gifts, but one of appreciation, of giving thanks for that which and those who we have. And of course, there’s the food.

This is my second consecutive Thanksgiving in Uganda. It is not a national holiday here. So far, I have spent it traveling from the capital to my Ugandan home, Tororo. I was in Kampala for several days, sick with what I’m told is some sort of weird goat illness. But I insisted to the doctors that I needed to travel back to site today no matter what, because tomorrow night, the first guests arrive for pie-baking. Then on Saturday, over 20 Peace Corps volunteers will gather in Tororo to cook a turkey over charcoal, and eat whatever the results. Yes, I’m trying to recreate the Thanksgiving of my imagination here. Give or take cranberry sauce.

When I pause between slaughtering poultry and mashing potatoes to think of what I’m thankful for, I will think of the incredible people in my life—several who are here with me and many in other parts of the world—who inspire me and amuse me, support me and challenge me. I will think of where I come from, and the immense privilege, freedom, and responsibility that has given me. And I will think of the shower in my house that is finally repaired. I am thankful for the work I am doing and those who work with me. I am thankful for my health (minus the weird goat disease) and the Peace Corps medical staff. I am thankful that Gram taught me how to make mashed potatoes. I am thankful to know that no matter how far I go, I know where and who home is– see you at Christmastime!

A very happy Thanksgiving and much love to you all,


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4 Responses to thanks.

  1. gram says:

    will eat an extra slice of pie for you erin! see you in 24 days! cannot wait and so very thankful to have a daughter like you! love, mom

  2. gram says:

    Hi E, Love you and missing you today. Hope you’re feeling better soon!
    We are al so proud of you…Happy Turkey!!!Love Gram

  3. The Murrays says:

    hey e, we all missed you yesterday. can’t wait for you to come home

    -leigh, lauren, matt, brendan gary & patty

  4. Jean says:

    wait until you try the chocolate mocha pie, erin!! with mocha whipped cream too!! can’t wait to see you…
    thanks for the note yesterday!

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