Lamu is a stunningly beautiful place off the Kenyan coast where I was lucky to spend several days of vacation, drinking fresh fruit juices and eating Swahili spiced seafood and coconut rice. The town is quiet and peaceful, at once ancient and alive. Intricately carved wooden doors dot Lamu’s maze of winding narrow alleyways that can only be navigated on foot or by donkey. Most women wear headscarves or full burkas. Calls to prayer from mosques on all sides overlap in accidental harmony. On the town’s waterfront, children play and swim amongst the anchored wooden dhows in the evenings. Elsewhere, the island’s shoreline is a tangle of mangrove trees along the blue-green water’s edge, except where it opens into wide stretches of white sand.

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  1. mom says:

    looks like a lovely spot for some r&r – thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. cool looking boat and rugged “tree” mast – glad you didn’t meet up with any pirates while sailing :-) !

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