more kenya.

Because I actually have a quick connection for once, some more photos from Kenyan vacation:

donkeys outonalimb sunrisegederuins coconut ka cart resort peace treehug carnivore

  • dohnkeys in a village outside of Mombasa, carrying jerricans of water
  • balancing our dhow while sailing around Lamu
  • sunrise over Malindi
  • ancient Gede Ruins
  • fresh coconut!
  • a tiny shopping spree at Nakumatt in Nairobi
  • fancy resort where we couldn’t afford anything but a cup of juice
  • Jamal, our captain, and his son
  • giant tree in Gede
  • lunch at Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi– all-you-can-eat exotic meats (including ostrich and crocodile)
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1 Response to more kenya.

  1. mom says:

    what a treat – more photos! thank you! that is some tiller!! and did you eat ostrich or crocodile? love you lots!

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