on the bike.

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After several weeks of waiting around for various things to fall into place during my month of east coast winter, I got an idea in my head that would not leave.  I wanted to get on a bike and ride next to the Pacific.  And so I did.

I acquired a little white steed in San Francisco and outfitted it with a rack that could hold my bare essentials, including a tent for camping along the way.  Guided by a life-saving book called “Bicycling the Pacific Coast,” I started pedaling south.

The trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which ended up taking me 7 days of riding (with a few days off along the way), was a great exercise for both my body and mind.  Having returned home from Africa several pounds lighter to the point of feeling unwell, I started my biking slowly.  By the time I reached Big Sur, I was able to do 70-mile days of hilly terrain without feeling strained.  I met all types of interesting people who were doing their own versions of the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route, all for their own reasons.  I ended each day at a beautiful campsite, watching the sun set over the Pacific.

I did not take tons of photos, because it would have meant stopping every time I saw beautiful things- which was practically the entire ride.  These are a few I did take along the way.

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