4. many voices, experiences, emotions, ideas.

I will weigh in next with a final (for now), more personal post. Here I’ve compiled a cross-section of less-viewed videos in many languages that I hope highlight the diverse emotions, thoughts, and experiences of people in Uganda, DR Congo, South Sudan, and CAR.

Thoughts on forgiveness from Lily, abducted age 8 and mother to Kony’s children. Posted last year:

Some voices from DR Congo:

Created by Human Rights Watch last year (prior to US troop commitment):

Ugandan government reaction:

Al Jazeera piece on reaction to Kony2012 in Northern Uganda:

Bishop Ochola of the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) in Uganda, speaking of losing a daughter and wife to conflict and his motivation for working for peace:

Archbishop Odama of Gulu has devoted his life to working for peace in northern Uganda:

Also see BBC Audio slideshow: Living in fear.

Next post: 5. my thoughts now.

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