it’s the little things.

The steps in the staircases in my 4-story office here in Accra are uneven. It’s almost unnoticeable, except there’s one really tall step in one flight of otherwise-small steps. It makes me fall up the stairs every time.

When I lived in Uganda, it always struck me that the local bank had bothered to install a ramp for handicapped clients. Very considerate, except that the ramp was so incredibly steep that someone in a wheelchair descending it surely would’ve barreled down it and quickly into traffic in the road.

For a treat on Sunday night, I went to the cinema in Accra with some friends to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ In most ways, the theater seems like it could be in America. However, due to a design involving single entrance/exit and people working the door allowing exit from one showing and entry to the next to happen simultaneously, there was an alarming crush of people. All I could think was what would happen in the case of a fire.

Building codes. It’s things like these I don’t appreciate ’til they’re not there.

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